Motivation in development

As experts for strategic HR development, we will support you in acquiring the skills you need to establish your strategy on the basis of your corporate culture.

Leading through questions

In unseren offenen Trainings begrüßen wir Teilnehmer aus unterschiedlichsten Unternehmen und Branchen, die sich in den Bereichen Führung, Kommunikation und Vertrieb weiterentwickeln möchten.

A success story

While values play an important role in strategic HR development and day-to-day professional operations, they are also crucial in our private lives.


Our trainings cater for participants from different companies and industries, who would like to develop their management and sales skills.


In our coachings, we analyse individual situations and special issues with the participants, which would go beyond the scope of a regular (internal) training sessions.


Together with the companies, we develop individualised enterprise models which outline the corporations’ vision and mission, but also its structure and target culture.

Motivation in Development

Strategic HR development builds on an understanding of your strategy and what it means for your structure and corporate culture. Whenever these elements are combined in harmony with one another, your business will become more successful, and you will be better able to react to ever changing market requirements.

Our Method

The Wertfreunde Enterprise Model

The basis of your individual success

We have specifically developed the Wertfreunde Enterprise Model as the basis of many courses and, thus, the basis of your individual success. The easily understandable model structure explains the company-specific connections between strategy, structure, and corporate culture.

Three questions concerning your STRATEGY

  • How clearly is your strategy worded?
  • Other than yourself, who could explain the aims of your strategy?
  • How do you ensure that everyone understands the strategy?

Three questions concerning your STRUCTURE

  • In what functions are employees in your company successful if your strategy is properly implemented?
  • Faced with the same question about their respective functions, how would your employees respond?
  • How many of your employees seek support in structure, and how willingly would they accept change?

Three questions concerning your CULTURE

  • What culture would you like to foster?
  • How do you ensure that this culture comes to life?
  • What are the consequences if individuals don't observe the culture?

Open Trainings

Leading Through Questions

In our open trainings, we work with participants from many different companies and industries who would like to develop in the areas of management and sales.

Interactive Training Materials

Benefit from our wide range of training materials, which we will tailor to your individual needs.

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