Our vision

To us, motivation is an ongoing driver. We love being confronted with new ideas. Our culture is a major driver in creating motivation. It provides us with security and stability, so that we can keep on moving. We want to keep developing motivation.

To us, development means appreciating what is new. Development is motion, which we want to connect with positive emotions. In development, we relate to ourselves and the people we work with. We see development as pragmatic change in dealing with ourselves. We enjoy confronting others in a positive way, supporting them and contributing to their success. Learning is part of this attitude.

That way, we create motivation in development.

Mission 2020

  • For our customers, Wertfreunde is the preferred partner for strategic HR development in at least one of the areas of consulting, training or coaching.
  • Our excellent innovative quality and holistic view of our customers’ future will help you achieve above-average success in your markets.
  • Our products are tailored to your needs in terms of their teaching methods and have been adapted to our target groups in order to guarantee successful, sustainable implementation.
  • We employ experienced staff who have been with us for many years. They are highly motivated and enjoy taking part in their own development and the development of others.
  • We are financially independent and our operations are geared towards sustainable growth.

Our culture

  • Joy
    I consciously decide to adopt a positive attitude.
    I'm prepared to engage with the ideas and opinions of others in a positive way.

  • Commitment
    I make clear arrangements and stick to them.
    I clarify conflict where it occurs.

  • Appreciation
    I talk to others and do not talk badly about others.
    I say NO and I say YES.