Urban Lechtenbörger

  • Training consultant
  • Partner
  • Managing partner

Personal Details

  • Born: 1970
  • status: married

Experience in Training and Coaching

  • approx. 90 training/workshop days p.a.
  • approx. 160 coaching hours p.a.

Responsibilities in addition to training

  • Head of procurement
  • Head of marketing
  • Head of sales
  • Senior consultant
  • General manager

My credo

Perceiving situations in which people experience their limitations can offer valuable insights. Learning to accept these limitations and then overcoming them in a meaningful way can be a valuable process for both individuals and teams. While the required communicative tools are important, a positive inherent attitude is crucial.

Placing a person into the centre of our attention is not a matter of hierarchies – it means we have a sense of responsibility and a positive attitude towards others.

Supporting people in acting as role models in their own individual attitudes is something that spurs me on every day.