Thomas Uhlenbrock

  • Training consultant
  • Partner
  • Managing partner

Personal Details

  • Born: 1974
  • Marital status: single

Experience in Training and Coaching (since 2006)

  • approx. 90 training/workshop days p.a.
  • approx. 160 coaching hours p.a.

Responsibilities in addition to training

  • Sales back office
  • Sales field service
  • Head of back office
  • Head of marketing
  • Head of sales
  • Head of export
  • Member of the Management Board
  • Managing director

My credo

As a young manager, I was prepared for my new responsibilities by a 60-year-old managing director. I spent the first two years as his employee, and the last two years as his manager.

He was a role model in many ways:

  • He had a clearly defined set of values, which he incorporated into all of his leadership activities.
  • He always put his team first and never lost sight of his company’s interests.
  • He was close to his team and yet sustained the necessary distance.
  • He used to say what had to be said and always used the right tone.
  • He was aware of his effect on others and used it in a conscious manner.
  • He used to be happier about his team’s successes than about his own, and contributed to these successes in a significant way.

If you ask me who has had the greatest influence on me during my professional career as a manager, I will mention his name.

I want to contribute to providing employees with these kinds of managers.