A success story

While values play an important role in strategic HR development and day-to-day professional operations, they are also crucial in our private lives. With this in mind, the two colleagues and friends, Urban Lechtenbörger and Thomas Uhlenbrock, established Wertfreunde GmbH to develop success together with their professional team.

The company was founded in the spring of 2014 by Urban Lechtenbörger and Thomas Uhlenbrock. Urban Lechtenbörger has 16 years' worth of expertise in the areas of consulting, training and coaching, which he gained in his capacities as a partner and general manager of previous companies. Thomas Uhlenbrock, a successful managing director, started working in consulting, training and coaching nine years ago. Thomas and Urban have extensive experience in strategic HR development.

They decided to set up Wertfreunde GmbH in order to embrace the challenge of developing more individualised ways of dealing with management issues and experiences and creating added value in the process, which is greatly appreciated by our customers and partners – and this motivation in development is a guiding principle for both managing partners and Wertfreunde as a company.

We strive to be reliable, trustworthy partners for our customers and the companies, and that is why we attach great importance to our own corporate culture and our mission.

Our excellent innovative quality and holistic view of our customers' future will help you achieve above-average success in your markets.
Thomas Uhlenbrock
Managing partner of Wertfreunde GmbH

Our Team

Thomas Uhlenbrock

Urban Lechtenbörger

Martin Weck

Sarah König

Daniel Vogelpohl

Mylena Nguyen

Johanna Wilmes

Gabriele Rai

Lisa Weidmann

Eva Wabnitz

My credo

As a young manager, I was prepared for my new responsibilities by a 60-year-old managing director. I spent the first two years as his employee, and the last two years as his manager.

He was a role model in many ways:

  • He had a clearly defined set of values, which he incorporated into all of his leadership activities.
  • He always put his team first and never lost sight of his company’s interests.
  • He was close to his team and yet sustained the necessary distance.
  • He used to say what had to be said and always used the right tone.
  • He was aware of his effect on others and used it in a conscious manner.
  • He used to be happier about his team’s successes than about his own, and contributed to these successes in a significant way.

If you ask me who has had the greatest influence on me during my professional career as a manager, I will mention his name.

I want to contribute to providing employees with these kinds of managers.

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My credo

Perceiving situations in which people experience their limitations can offer valuable insights. Learning to accept these limitations and then overcoming them in a meaningful way can be a valuable process for both individuals and teams. While the required communicative tools are important, a positive inherent attitude is crucial.

Placing a person into the centre of our attention is not a matter of hierarchies – it means we have a sense of responsibility and a positive attitude towards others.

Supporting people in acting as role models in their own individual attitudes is something that spurs me on every day.

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My credo

There are so many interesting people, things and thoughts on earth to be passionate about.

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My credo

A multitude of words can be created using the 26 letters of the alphabet. From these words, an infinite number of sentences can be made, which, through different types of emphasis, take on completely different meanings. For me, language is a fascinating code that can be used to unbelievably great effect and, when used correctly, has enormous motivational potential.

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My credo

Where there's a will, there's a way. Where there's no will, there are excuses.

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My credo

“The meaning of life is not to be successful but to be meaningful.”
- Albert Einstein

Isn’t it most exciting if we can add value to other people’s lives? If we succeed in making people feel special, we create the foundation of our own happiness in the process.
For me, a smile on my face is a faithful companion on this exciting journey.

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My credo

Would you like you if you met you?(unknown author)

Is this just a worn-out phrase or a question that’s actually worth asking?

In my opinion, it’s the latter, because self-reflection is the foundation of change and can pave the way to becoming a more satisfied version of oneself.

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My credo

The smile I give will come back to me!

I regard my work not as a job but as a veritable task. For me, work means: self-responsibility, self-reliance and being cheerfully self-disciplined with a positive attitude.

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My credo

It is incredibly exciting to see how deeply we can penetrate communication and even the human mind. This makes us perceive a lot of things much more consciously. Helping others recognise necessities and gathering new experience together is what fascinates me.

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My credo

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

A curiosity for people and things and their interactions are what drive me. Learning something that I can use in different situations is what motivates me.
What are we waiting for?

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